The PYP Exhibition: Parent Information Session

In the final year of the PYP (Primary Years Program) students participate in a culminating project called, exhibition. This project gives students the opportunity to reflect on and apply the knowledge and skills acquired here at Spicewood. This final unit of inquiry is quite different than all other units within the program in that it unites the 5th grade students, all teachers, parents, and other community members in a collaborative experience that incorporates all of the essential elements (knowledge, skills, attitudes, concepts, action) of the PYP program. Students engage in a personal free inquiry project, exploring a world event , current issue, or idea. This unit concludes with a celebration of their learning and time spent in the PYP. Check out an informational video about the purpose of exhibition, your role as a parent, and what your child should expect over the next six to eight weeks. 

We’ll be following our fifth graders during this inquiry unit of inquiry in the coming weeks and sharing with you more about the process of exhibition, culminating on our Exhibition Day, Friday, May 4th (formal invitation to follow!).