Internationally Minded: Mother Tongue [part 2]

You probably know that many of the world’s plants and animals are in danger of extinction, but did you know that many human languages are in danger of becoming extinct, too? Once there were about 8000 different languages spoken on our planet. Now there are only about 6500, and half of them are endangered. Languages are important. They do much more than help people communicate. A language helps define a culture, history and ancestry of a group of people. Once a language is lost, humanity loses a part of our rich culture and heritage. 

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Although we always honor and value different perspectives throughout our learning in classrooms, Spicewood is doing out part in celebrating the diversity of languages of our very own community to recognize International Mother Language DayThis week we’re learning from our very own students and staff! 

To check out other submissions, be sure to stop by the front digital bulletin board. We have over 25 different students who share more about their mother tongue! Our morning announcements will also have some special features this week, be sure to ask your child(ren) about some of the new languages they learned about! And don’t forget to plan on attending our PTA’s One World, One Night event next Tuesday, February 27th! Our parents always put together an amazing display of language, food, music, and culture!