An inquiry into the attributes of the Learner Profile: Caring

For a culture of caring and kindness to truly grow in a PYP school, we need to constantly nourish and discuss it. Our teachers and students refer to the attributes of the Learner Profile during community circle time at the beginning or end of the day, make connections to these attributes while reading selected texts, and reflect on personal choices and actions made throughout the week. 

Instilling this attribute not only takes place by our day to day learning experiences here on campus, but must also be reinforced in the home as well. And with our No Place for Hate coalition’s SPICY Spirit Week, I thought it the perfect time to share some resources for you and your family to hopefully spark some valuable and enriching conversations with one another!

Provocation Questions (questions to use either before or after the video/book resources below):

  • What does it mean to be caring?
  • What is people’s responsibility to be caring?
  • What are the different perspectives in a community when it comes to public acts of kindness?
  • What are some obstacles or challenges that sometimes stand in the ways of expressing caring?
  • What can we do to overcome obstacles that sometimes stand in the way of being caring?