Living the Learner Profile: Parent Resource

On Tuesday, October 9th, our campus will once again host our fall Student Led Conferences. During these conferences, students are in the “drivers seat” sharing and discussing their goals for the new school year with their parents and teacher. Students reflect on the Learner Profile attributes using a reflection tool. Students use this to evaluate where they think they currently stand and share their strengths and areas for improvement in relation to the Learner Profile (the heart of the IB program).  The development of these attributes is a shared effort of students, parents, and school community collectively working together to help students meet their goals and grow as internationally minded people.

We’re sharing a helpful tool to support ways that you  can take action at home and best support your child the PYP program. The resource breaks down each attribute providing ideas for what you can do at home, suggested books to read with your child, and helpful questions and sentence stems you can use to start conversations with your child. We encourage you to print it out and keep it handy throughout the year as you debrief with your child at the end of the day, support with projects and other inquiry based assignments. (**Parents Tip: Books are a GREAT way to discuss and address the Learner Profile attributes)

We look forward to having you come to listen and learn more about your child’s goals during their student led conferences session!