#SWESAction: Art Gallery Night!

At Spicewood Elementary, we strive to provide students with opportunities to choose, to act, to decide on their actions and to reflect on these actions in order to make a difference – all of which are an integral part of the PYP. The actions students take in the elementary school will look different at each grade level and may require appropriate adult support in making choices and facilitating students’ efforts.

At last week’s Art Gallery Night, we invited our students and their families to take action by sending some love and encouragement to kids who have to spend time in the hospital. Students and parents created inspirational ” joy bots” filled with messages to help bring a bit more joy to someone who may need it.

We loved seeing our collection jars FILLED to the brim with inspiring words of optimism, silly monster faces or images to promote smiles to those who receive them. We set a goal of 500 Joy Bots and managed to beat our goal by an additional 170 bots, making a total of 670 bots ready to spread JOYThank you to our art teachers, Ms. Raybourn and Ms. Deb, for a creatively ACTION oriented evening!

How can YOU take ACTION?: