Coding For A Cause at Spicewood

Spicewood students continued with the tradition of Coding For A Cause, an after school club where kids learn how to code or extend their programming knowledge, raising funds for the American Red Cross of Central Texas. This year students donated $426 to the local chapter of the American Red Cross by way of club registration fees. “As an IB school, we emphasize that kids are part of the community and world they live in right now,” said Julie Haney, Spicewood instructional technology specialist. “Coding for a Cause is a way for our students to find something in the community that they can contribute to while they do something they love.”

More than 150 students from kindergarten through fifth grade are participating in the club this year, exploring topics of basic coding and computational thinking, video game design, programming robots, and coding microcontrollers. Classroom teachers and parent volunteers along with Mrs. Haney work with students every week to expand their knowledge and continue to grow their love of technology.