What does PYP look like in ACTION?

In PYP schools, the school is considered to be a community of learners. “The role of the teachers is to facilitate connections between student’s prior knowledge and the knowledge available through new experiences. This is done best with the support of the parents because it is the student’s environment- the home, school, and the community– that will shape the student’s cognitive experience” (MTPYPH p.42). Our campus uses social media to provide parents with a “peek” into classrooms in hopes to help you learn more about the PYP in action. Our teachers are always posting ways students are being creative, taking action, inquiring & researching, and making connections with their learning. Having an inside look as to what our students are learning also provides a great launch into conversations at home. If you’re not already, be sure to follow along with us on Twitter to see what PYP looks like on a daily basis!


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