What does action mean on an IB campus?

Action is part of who we are at Spicewood Elementary. It’s one of the five essential elements of the PYP program and we’ve made it a part of our campus vision statement. Each day teachers continue to be mindful of how they are planning and creating intentional learning experiences and environments to inspire students to be “globally minded citizens who take action.” If we want our children to make a difference in the world and maintain that global mindset, we need to help them empathize and personalize the action that they take so that they have an action oriented mindset well beyond their time here at Spicewood.

Our first graders have just concluded their How We Organize ourselves in which they investigated organizations in communities that help those in need. Community speakers such as Meals on Wheels, Austin Pets Alive!, and community helpers were brought in to share more about their organizations and roles within a community. One of their final speakers came from the Joe Lee Johnson (a Round Rock ISD elementary school) food pantry. As the presenter shared about the importance of a food pantry, particularly in that community, students were shocked to hear that students just them them (same age and school district) didn’t have access to food at home the same way they were used to. Without giving it a second thought, the students, with facilitation from their teachers, helped them organize a canned food drive here on our campus. Students created boxes for donated items, designed posters and informational videos to inform our school community of their action.

In about a two week period, the first grade was able to collect well over 150 items to donate the the food pantry. With more donations continuing to come in, the students have decided to keep the canned food drive going throughout the school year in order to continue to support Joe Lee Johnson’s food pantry supply.

Ways you and your family can take action?

  • Have a conversation with your child about action. Encourage your children to understand that the way they act really does affect the way others feel. They can make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Drop off canned good items to the first grade (they are also accepting good like mac & cheese, PB&J)
  • To donate to or sponsor the Joe Lee Johnson food pantry, contact Kirsten_PrudHomme@roundrockisd.org or Carly_barnes@roundrockisd.org
  • Continue to be inspired by other kids’ action