Student Led Conferences: A Celebration of Learning

The purpose of conferences is to share information between teachers, students, and parents. As a PYP school, we promote and encourage students to take ownership over their learning in a variety of ways. One of the ways that Spicewood Elementary facilitates this is through student-led conferences. Students are continually to reflecting on their learning, setting goals, and celebrating in their accomplishments throughout the year, however, student-led conferences offer a unique time for the student and parent to sit down together and share in the PYP journey.

In a student-led conference, the students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with their parents. Prior to this conference, students discuss and reflect on different work samples with their teachers and peers. With guidance and support from their teacher, students select artifacts that represent the growth and process he/she has made throughout the year, reflecting on the significance of each item for their conference time, organizing materials, and practicing for the big day!

This past week, our students invited their families into their classrooms to share their learning throughout the year. These conferences included sharing of the PYP student portfolio, digital products in their Google Drive (green screen videos, movies, video reflections, music performances, QR code links, etc.), as well as contributions from our Specials areas (music, art, PE, and Spanish). Our students enjoyed showing their parents the progress they’ve made this year in math, science, as well as the growth they’ve made related to the Learner Profile attributes.

Thank you to all of the families who were able attend and celebrate with us. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed your time with your child! Your child’s Google Drive is always available to be viewed at home so be sure to check out their creativity and hard work at home too!